Autumn & Christmas Events!

Summer is officially over and the Selfie Sisters UK diary is already full for the last quarter of the year. Gone are the glittery unicorn theme festivals we have been attending and instead we are now  being besieged with booking for fabulous Autumn weddings and Christmas events. 

Part of our offerings to clients this Autumn will be our fabulous seasonal props ( think Halloween hats and bespoke frames with golden leaves and glistening acorns)  We are also working hard on our signature Christmas frames which come in either classic gold, red and green or with a white winter wonderland theme! Each frame is painstakingly handmade with love. 

Selfie Sisters UK can also be found partnering our retail clients over the peak shopping season, so look out for us in some of the gorgeous new Leeds  city centre stores. 

Keep your eyes peeled for pictures of our new frames - we know you will love them! 




How do we decide how best to set up the mirror for your special event?

The mirror has so much functionality that it would be impossible to use it all at once! Therefore when we work with clients to discuss the best way to maximise the mirror at their event, we take into account a variety of factors such as number of guests, booking time, goals ( as many pictures as possible for example), lighting at the venue and even more seemingly mundane factors such as health & safety. 

For example if you book the mirror for your wedding for 2 hours and you have 250 guests with an aim to get as many great pictures in your guest book as possible, it is likely we would suggest a single shot picture with a shorter work flow.  When we talk about the "work flow" we are referring to  all of the pre & post picture animations and interactions such as the signature & filter feature that the mirror can offer. For a smaller party with significantly fewer guests we might recommend a three shot picture option with more mirror interaction to keep the guests entertained for longer. 

The mirror currently has the following functionality:

  • GIF creation
  • Facebook upload
  • Instant print outs
  • Interactive signature
  • Filter options including the new BEAUTY filter
  • Games such as Tic Tac Toe
  • Greenscreen
  • Live video
  • Sound activation
  • Movement activation
  • Personalised animations

and many more!.....

Additionally we will also discuss your event theme and design a printed frame that will match your vision. We will also select an external mirror frame ( the physical frame on the outside of the mirror) that compliments the room dressing. 

Selfie Sisters UK treat each event individually and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exactly what our valued customers want. Feel free to contact us to discuss using





Well it IS wedding season after all!


Well, I think its fair to say that the Summer is passing by in a blur of gorgeous, amazing and just plain wonderful weddings! The Selfie Sisters are absolutely packed out with bookings! Most are for weddings, however we have been delighted to be involved in a number of other super special events such as Christenings and Bat Chayils. 

Here at Selfie Sisters UK we are big fans of the mantra " fail to plan, plan to fail" in fact Leah's borderline pedantic approach to getting the bookings just right is widely noted across the Selfie Sisters family!  This is why during this busy period we will always send out extra emails to confirm various elements of your booking as well as arrive at your events with plenty of time to spare to plan for every eventuality. 

Every wedding we attend is unique and beautiful and we always come away amazed at how each bride has pulled out all of the stops to do that little bit extra for their guests.  The mirror is perfect for venues of all shapes and sizes and can be fully customised to suit any theme. The more unique and unusual the better for us!

Check out some of our favourite pictures of 2017 (so far!)